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Meat Raffle, or How to Know You’re In the Midwest

September 4, 2006

I have to say, I thought I was a true Wisconsin -ite, but I learned Friday after work that there are still a lot of things to I don’t know about my corner of the world. A friend at work is leaving us for brighter opportunities in Milwaukee, so we all met at a local dive to celebrate with canned beer (I was warned to avoid everything on tap – and probably rightly so – we didn’t see anyone drinking out of a glass). I arrived at the bar in the middle of the, presumably, weekly? meat raffle. Patrons buy a numbered paint stirrer (“paddle”) for $1, someone is asked to draw a playing card from a deck, and the person holding the chosen number wins their choice of meat products lined up along the bar. Chops, steaks, stuffed quail, and shrimp were all still available when I arrived. Very funny. Although I don’t entirely understand how this event helps the fine establish- ment, as winners need to leave the bar to get their meat into freezers. The place kind of cleared out once all the meat was given away. It was fun to be out after such a long work week. (It was especially long due to an acid spill in the warehouse late Friday afternoon…thanks a lot, Brent!) The beer (in a can) tasted divine. I even for to meet my predecessor in the lab, which reminds and encourages me that there is life after CH. Later in the evening, friends JB and Mary stopped by and crashed the party. We ducked out to grab a bite to eat with them and activate the DLM (dog liberation movement).

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