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Thanksgiving Armageddon

November 12, 2006

Despite enormous challenges, I served 10 people a Thanks- giving meal yesterday. What started out as mere (and I say mere now, but yesterday it was dire, indeed) piecrust rolling problems escalated in all-out disaster of epic proportions when at 9:30am, the oven failed to turn on. I had a turkey, stuffing, beans, and 2 pies all waiting in the wings to take their cue in a strictly-timed choreography of baking times and temperatures. Not a second of oven time was unscripted from 10 until 2. Of course that would be the ideal time for our oven to die. I sank to the floor with my mouth as open as the stone-cold oven. Thank goodness I had Kyle there to keep his wits about him and diagnose the problem as an ailing ignitor. While I rushed to get a replacement, Kyle tore the oven apart. I sprinted to deliver the new ignitor like a heart for a waiting transplant recipient. Kyle swore some, threw a screwdriver, prodded the wires, and eventually, stepped aside as the oven roared to life with an orange glow more beautiful than any sunset. I am truly in love with this amazing man! Now we were cooking with GAS, baby! After the morning drama, things ran relatively smoothly, albiet 2 hours behind schedule. Our guests were quite understanding, or maybe I just ignored their growly stomachs by consuming extra Stella (my favorite!), which Charlene and Ford so graciously provided. I’ve never cooked a turkey before, so Brienne helped me out in the kitchen with making the “au jus” sort of according to the recipe, but with way more giggling. All in all, I thought dinner was good, and my pies, while not as good as mom’s, were not shabby. I could maybe do this again. Provided I have a year to recover first.

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