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Voluntary Insanity

November 24, 2006

Ha ha. I tricked my family into participating in the maddness that is after-Thanksgiving shopping today. They would say that they tricked me, but it’s all a matter of perspective. Last night I tried to get them to agree to leave the house at 4:40 am. They balked at the idea (rightly so – what lunatic goes out of their way to leave the comfort of their warm bed after a day of eating too much, just to fight other people to give away their money?). My intelligent family prefered to avoid the malls altogether. I countered with an exuberantly enthusiasic proposition of leaving the house at 6am. They relucantly agreed, although I could tell Meredith (quite possibly the world’s most non-morning person) was going to back out on me. In stepped Kyle, who used some reverse psychology behind my back to get them wanting to go at five. I don’t know how he did it. He’s a genius. But they didn’t tell me this of course, so I set my alarm for 6 and woke much earlier to a giggling Mom, Meredith, and Ewan, dressed and eager to hit the stores, laughing at me for being the one to hold up the show. Wonders never cease. We hit a couple of stores and spent the $10 gift cards we got for running the gauntlet. Sears made it so hard to find the one and only entrance where they handed these out, that I started to get the feeling they might next year escalate the exersize to a scavenger hunt that needs to be completed. In the end, I got a picture of Mer, smiling before 6am. Save this picture. We may never see another!

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