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April 8, 2007

Our friends Julia and Brent were married yesterday and we had a great time at their wedding. They talked Becky and I into taking their pictures, and I was super nervous they wouldn’t turn out. I shouldn’t have worried so much – Becky was an amazing people pusher and was most excellent at bullying people into poses for the formals. The wedding was at the Masonic Temple in Madison, and we only had 23 minutes to take formal pics before the Masons descended on the auditorium to set up for their Easter service. Without Becky, we never would have finished.

The reception was fun – Kyle pointed out that it was like a work gathering with so many Chr. Hansen current and former employees. Sarah, Becky, Julia, and John did an impressive Electric Slide. I got to Polka (Becky said I’m not very good). Of course, we all did the Chicken Dance.

At the end of the night, Julia surprised Brent with a quick getaway through a cloud of bubbles into a waiting limo. They were both gorgeous and happy. Congratulations, guys! We’re super happy for you!

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