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Biking on Glacial Drumlin Trail

April 29, 2007

Kyle blew my socks off this weekend by spon- taneously suggesting we go biking. The Glacial Drumlin trail between Jefferson and Lake Mills was more beautiful than I expected, crossing several rivers (see Kyle’s blog) and going through both rural farm fields and wooded sections filled with wild flowers. The trail is easy to pedal because it’s on a converted old rail line. It’s almost completely flat, and if not for my sore butt, I could have gone all day.

At one point, I saw a largish dark animal scurry across the trail ahead of us. He disappeared into a hole about 8 inches in diameter. My guess is

that it was a badger or woodchuck, but Kyle didn’t want to wait for him to come back out, so it will forever remain a mystery.

We even came across a patch of trilliums, which are a wildflower native to Wisconsin that is becoming increasingly rare. I remember learning from my 1st grade teacher that trilliums will die if you pick their flowers. I don’t ever remember seeing them in the wild before, so that was pretty neat.

We had such a great time, we are going to try to get the bikes or the canoe out each weekend we’re home this summer, assuming there’s good weather. Today may have been the best day of the summer. I hope you all got outside to enjoy it!

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