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Amazing Alaska

July 10, 2007

Kyle and I just returned from 8 incredible days in Alaska. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Charlene and Ford, who made our trip possible, and to Sharon and Kev, who graciously took us all in, fed us, and showed us more of Alaska than I bet half of native Alaskans ever see! It was great to visit with them.

I can’t begin to pick favorite pictures to post (we took more than 600!). Here are five from our second full day. We drove to Seward and hiked up along Exit glacier not quite to the Harding ice field. I could blame the “almost” on not having the right shoes to continue into the snow, but I’d be lying – I was beat! It was a really tall mountain! But I think we did well and got pretty high before I wussed out. The stream crossing pic is for Dad’s benefit. Look how bravely I’m standing in the middle there. Sure, there’s planks across, but I’m a super huge chicken when it comes to crossing rivers. We saw a mamma black bear and her 2 cubs cross the trail on this hike. We were TERRIFIED, but it makes a good story now. See Kyle’s – oops – Punkin’s blog for a picture. =)

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