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Wisconsin State Fair

August 12, 2007

Today Kyle and I went to the Wisconsin State Fair. It was HOT but there were a lot of people there to enjoy the fair’s last day.

I enjoyed spending four hours eating lots of food. We shared roast beef from the WI Cattlemen’s Association, a 1/4 Usinger’s brat (our very favorite brand) with sauerkraut , Wisconsin Door County tart cherry juice, and a strawberry sundae from the WI dairy group ,and an apple turnover from the WI apple- growers association. I also had mocha- flavored milk and and a cream puff that I got to eat all by myself, because Kyle doesn’t care for such things. Amazingly, we managed to eat only Wisconsin foods and stayed away from the fried foods of the midway. (Not that the choices we made in the Wisconsin Products pavilion were that healthy either, but at least we supported local vendors.)

We walked through a few animal barns as well, and I enjoyed the llamas and alpacas the most. There was a woman spinning beautiful yarn from her llamas, and it made me want to learn how to really spin. I have a drop-spindle that’s fun to putter with on occasion, but I still haven’t even finished the single roving I bought 2 years ago.

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