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Yarn Purchase and Sock Progress

September 9, 2007

At Sheep and Wool, Erika and I found discounted Cascade Sierra Pima Cotton/ Wool blend that will be perfect for knitting toys. I managed some self control and only bought 3 colors.

I also got a skein of lime green Shepherd’s Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Kyle was quite concerned by the color and wanted clarification that I wasn’t knitting anything for him from it, was I?

I am knitting a pair of the Solid Jazz Socks from Weekend Knitting from this skein (for myself, I think), and I am amazed by how soft the wool is. It is very nice to knit with. If it wears well, I’ll definitely need to try some other colors – I think it would be excellent for a sweater for Critter.

I made a lot of progress on the first sock yesterday afternoon. (I’ve never done a sock with this type of heel construction before, and I don’t fully understand it. I knit in a half row with waste yarn that I’ll be removing after I finish the toe, and then I’ll pick up those stitches and somehow knit in a heel. I’m following the pattern with blind faith that it’ll work if I just follow one line at a time. Could be interesting.

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