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2007 International P.E.O. Convention

September 21, 2007

Last weekend I had fun at the P.E.O. Inter- national Convention. P.E.O. is a women’s group I’m in that provides educational oppor- tunities for women through grants and loans for college education. Convention was in Minneapolis this year, so it was close enough to drive to. (Note the obligatory canvas bags that all P.E.O.s carry around. For some reason, I find this humorous.)

Mom and Grandma get to be voting members of each convention because they are past state presidents of the WI chapter. Meredith and I were just visitors who sat in the peanut gallery. My favorite part of convention was the discussion about the amendments that were voted on. It seems that there is a general struggle between tradition and progress. I don’t know that the two need to be mutually exclusive, but almost 1500 voting women can’t possibly agree on everything. People felt very strongly about some of the issues, so the voting was exciting, as dorky as that sounds. Kyle pointed out that this is precisely why he thinks local civic meetings are interesting. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never accompanied him to those.

We were happy to see an old family friend, Cathy, who helped us explore around Minneapolis while Mom was off gallivanting with some friends. We even got to have dinner (Thai, of course =) ) with her two daughters and their growing families. Jenny and Sara were friends of mine in high school, but I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people, so I hadn’t seen them in ages. They have such adorable kids and it was wonderful to see them again. (I had a moment of slight panic while imagining what it would be like to mother the 2 year old if she spoke only Thai. Yikes!)

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