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Stained Glass Candy

December 8, 2007

We got the candy kitchen up and running today and now the house smells SWEET! Our family started this tradition in 1960, so this is our (if not my) 47th year of making this delicious candy. This is the first year we’ve made it at our house. Our traditional mix has seven “spicy” flavors – cinnamon, peppermint, anise, butterscotch, wintergreen, spearmint, and clove. This candy has been made for various fund raisers through the decades, sometimes with production up to an insane 2000 pounds in one season! Today we worked for about 3 hours to make 38 pounds.
Grandma cooks the pans of sugar, corn syrup, and water.

She monitors the pans and pulls them off at 300F.

While I stir in the flavoring and coloring….
…Mom prepares the marble slabs by dusting them with powdered sugar.

The steaming hot syrup is then poured onto the marble.
When cool enough, one person slices into strips with a pizza cutter while everyone else cuts into bite sized pieces with scissors (as fast as possible – before it hardens and starts to shatter like glass!).
The marble is scraped clean and excess powdered sugar is shaken from the candy.
After the candy is cool, colors are mixed together by shaking back and forth in a large cloth.All 38 lbs of candy are packaged into bags and divided up among the workers for Christmas presents. Hope we didn’t spoil the surprise if you find a pound in your stocking!

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  1. TracyMcGal permalink
    December 13, 2007 1:41 am

    Very SWEET. Cherish every moment of being with your family. I used to cook with my Grandma and in her will she left me her big mixing bowl and heavy duty bundt pan. I cherish them dearly and make my dad a Lemon Cherry Cake that she always made for him. It keeps her memory alive for me and dad. Thanks for sharing this.


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