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A Date

September 13, 2009

We forgot to take a single picture as photographic evidence, but Kyle and I stole away for a nearly 10 hour date today. (When you only go on one date a year, you’ve gotta make it count!) We enjoyed lunch at my favorite spot in Spring Green, hiking around Tower Hill State Park, and then an amazing outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. It was lovely.

At lunch I had the jarring experience of running into a woman who coached me in forensics in, ummmm, 1991. She didn’t remember my name, but remembered which poem I performed as a 7th grader. Unbelievable. She said she remembered it because she’d never liked the poem until she heard how I interpreted it. I later wondered aloud to Kyle if she didn’t remember it because I was especially horrid, and he lovingly remarked, “Well, you can be sure your performance was memorable.”

Hiking the trails around Tower Hill was wonderful despite my skirt and inappropriate footwear. The weather was perfect, if not a little warm for the steep climb up the to of the hill they used to make lead shot on. After seeing the house they melted the lead in to drop down a shaft to form round balls of shot, we hiked down to see the tunnel they’d dug in the cliff to haul the shot out to the river for shipping to far-away cities. I was amazed how the cold air just rolled out of the tunnel in the rock. We spent some of our time in silence just because we could! (T is rarely ever quiet. =) )

The play was incredible and we were really impressed with the performance. Since I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice last night, I loved comparing the two stories. Couples of unequal rank seem to be such a common theme in British literature. I was especially impressed with the strength of the women characters in the play (with the exception of the stoic queen who inexplicably was in some strange grief coma for 20 years, but it was Shakespeare, so I’ll let it go).

T seemed to fare well on our day away. He was already fast asleep, half hour ahead of schedule and with no fuss, when we arrived back home. I’m hiring “Aunty M” to do bedtime every night, because for us, he would have been up making a scene and crying for another hour at least.

With my new (non)work schedule, Kyle and I are going to try to make a point to get out more often. I loved spending the day with him.

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