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Fabric Gift Bags (Christmas Crafting Reveal, Day 1)

December 27, 2009

This year, I spent a little bit of time making crafty things for Christmas.  This was partially enabled by T’s new opinion that I should “help” him play by watching him from the couch, and certainly not touching anything.  Any project that was portable to the living room was a possibility so I made the best of my time.
I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise by blogging about them ahead of time, so now that the recipients have their gifts, I can show you what I’ve been up to.

For the next 6 days I’ll show one project a day, but I’ll save the best project for last (it’s a show stopper you won’t want to miss!).  Some took more time that others.  All were lots of fun.

For starters, I really liked the idea of having fabric bags to put our presents in each Christmas.  I don’t terribly enjoy wrapping, I hate the waste, and fabric is fun!

I let T pick out 6 different Christmas fabrics and sewed about 20 bags of varying shapes and sizes.  All tie shut with a ribbon.  I embroidered a few felt tags to use as well, but ran out of time to make enough to label all of the presents.  Christmas morning I was resorting to squishing and smelling and peeking into a few bags to determine who I should give them to…  Next year I’m going to make a bunch of these tags from the purl bee, because they are more versatile than just a tag with a name.  My family likes to write hints on their gift tags, so giving a present with just the recipient’s name on it spoils the fun.  I started to make one the day before Christmas Eve, but then the phone rang and that was the end of that.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute!

“Wrapping” presents on Christmas Eve was a breeze.  It’s really too bad Santa can’t use fabric bags, too!

Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll announce I’m going to be an aunt! Oh wait….oops…

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  1. Courtney permalink
    December 29, 2009 12:12 am

    Fabric bags are the best and I'm not sure why they haven't swept the nation. Wrapping and clean up are made so much easier. LOVE the felt tags. I think we should start making those now so they are ready by next December.

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