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King of T-Town

May 13, 2010

One day I walked into Courtney’s house and saw paths of blue painter’s tape on the floor.  She and Pia had constructed roadways, complete with hills and tunnels, and it was really awesome.  I meant to try it at home but then I forgot all about it.

Today, Tea arranged all of his play sets in one room and told me he was playing “town”, so I offered to create some streets using Courtney’s idea (the best ideas are always stolen, right?).  I exhausted my mini-roll of masking tape by making streets for the town and a highway that circles around the dining room and kitchen.  It was worth the tape, because it has kept him busy for a full day so far.  He told me his vehicles need to stop, so he constructed a stop sign with a red block atop a post.

Tea doesn’t know that he’s getting a little wooden train set for his birthday on Sunday.  I am itching to break it out early to add to his town.  Kyle, please hide it from me before you leave for work tomorrow.

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  1. Auntie M permalink
    May 15, 2010 11:37 am

    This is a totally awesome idea! I’m definitely giving Tea a roll of painter’s tape with his birthday present.

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