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Friday, travel edition

May 21, 2010

Today’s adventure was a train trip to Bruge.  Tea was, as expected, overly excited about the train portion of the day.  He named all the farm animals he saw from the windows in Dutch.  (OK, so we only saw cows and horses, but it made me smile to hear his enthusiastic attempts at another language – and one that I love, no less.)

We did the touristy canal tour by boat in Bruge, and then climbed 366 steps to the top of the belfry in the main square.  Kyle was the hero of the day and did the entire trip up steep and narrow steps with Thanu on his back.  I tried to encourage my fear of heights away by imagining I was in the Amazing Race.  (Because one day I will be, and I’ll have to count those steps, or something equally silly.)

We also spent some time sitting at an outdoor terrace and enjoying a delicious refreshment.  I could spend all my time here doing only that and be perfectly happy.  Give me a sunny Belgian day, a cool Belgian drink and my 2 favorite boys, and I am ridiculously happy.

As fun as it is to see beautiful cities, the best part of our day was dinner with my AFS family and a friend from high school who stopped by.  I don’t know if this is typical of Belgian families, but they excel at entertaining – tonight’s meal went from the table in the veranda to the table in the dining room and back to the veranda.  From appetizers to desserts and coffees, we spent very nearly five full hours around the table.  There was much eating and drinking, talking and laughing.  Of course, I always forget to take pictures of our meals, but it would be impossible to capture their hospitality and love of life through friends and food with a snapshot.  This, for me, is Belgium, and I just soak it up.  It’s been 15 years since I lived in this house, but it still feels like home.  I wish I could somehow bottle this to share with you so that you could know my Belgium too.

I switched off the unit and turned it back on a few minutes later, but it does nothing.  I have switched the batteries and plugged it into the computer via USB with no response.  Please help.  We’re in the middle of a trip and a bit lost w/o this.
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  1. Anne permalink
    May 21, 2010 6:53 pm

    Sounds like Kyle has a backup plan for an occupation… after all this training he could become a sherpa!

  2. Courtney permalink
    May 21, 2010 9:47 pm

    Please explain the headless child in the background of the canal picture. 🙂

    Between the belfry and the tower at Lapham Peak you are totally ready for the Amazing Race.

    On the belfry note, thank you for that as it put Tom Waits “Innocent when you dream” in my head. Ahh.

    • May 22, 2010 1:42 am

      I’m not familiar with the song – I’ll have to look it up later.

      As for the headless child, yes, I laughed when I saw him. The teeny laptop we travel with really can’t deal with my enormous photos – it takes so much effort and time for the computer to process them that I chose a photo for the blog at a size I really can’t see well. So sometimes once it’s big, I realize it’s not as great as I thought, but it’s too late to process another because I should be sleeping. I’m pretty sure I’m frying the laptop’s little brains. It must long for the days of cassette tapes.

  3. May 21, 2010 10:14 pm

    I love T’s pose in your arms. Stop it with the cuteness! Oh my word. What beautiful weather, too! Hope you have a fantastic trip.

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