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No animals were permanently damaged

June 12, 2010

Tea adores the petting farm, and was thus thrilled when his friend had her birthday party there this week.  Who had more fun – Tea, who slathered himself with germs from 20 varieties of farm animal, or me, who documented the experience with 350 photographs?  It might be a tie, but if ear-piercing squeals factor into the equation, he wins by a mile.

Here are a few shots from the day.  More will be posted with the password of Tea’s name.  Happy Birthday, L, and thanks for the fantastic day at the farm!

Greedy kids - er - goats

He insisted I walk alongside him. For the 2nd lap, he rode alone.

The selfless Courtney feeds her bag to a starving goat

Pia the Fearless

Please Daddy, please, can we get a bunny?

Future sweaters

I touched it but you can't make me go closer!

Sorry Jim, but I see goats in Courtney's domestic future

Tea struts his stuff

Who's cocky now?

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  1. Bethney Pickhardt permalink
    June 13, 2010 9:10 am

    How adorable! You are a great photographer Robin. My favorite is the pig shot (and of course the shots of my sister and wonderful niece). But the best outfit goes to George, hands down, gotta love those shorts!

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