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Budding photographer?

October 2, 2010

Tea’s Grandma Cookie and Grandpa Bugs surprised him recently with a functioning camera of his very own to take to Thailand.  He loves taking pictures and then scrolling through them on the screen.

He’s using a Kidizoom, which actually takes decent pictures for an indestructible kid-camera:

Test shot

However, the pictures get awfully blurred if the camera shakes at all while the shutter is pressed.  I’ve tried explaining this to Tea and you can probably guess that I’m going to have to explain it a few more times before he learns to stop moving while he takes a picture.

And yet, he adores it.  Here is his shot of the monarch we raised:

I’m helping him with a photo-blog over at Put That Camera Down to collect some of his favorite shots.  If any other kiddos want to join in the fun, get them a wordpress account and give me their email address so I can set them up – Tea would love some additional contributors.

Now my camera is safe from grabby fingers. Thanks GC &GB!

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  1. October 3, 2010 12:39 am

    My girls used to have that same camera, but they used it more to enhance and play with the camera and edit the photos, they loved that sturdy little camera! It is a good start to learn.

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