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Wait, what month is this again?

January 8, 2012

Kyle mentioned in a Tweet today that we hiked in beautiful  “novanuary” weather.  I think it was more like “jantober”.  Either way, it sure wasn’t a typical January hike in Wisconsin.  We had temps over 50 this week and to Tea’s dismay, there’s been no snow for ages.  The only reason Pea really needed a hat was because I’d just finished knitting it and wanted pictures for the Ravelry entry.

We walked the teeniest fraction of the Ice Age Trail that crosses our state.  Tea was fascinated by the mammoth on the Ice Age Trail logo at the entrance and spent the hike obsessed with imagining he was seeing mammoth “nests”, mammoth tracks, and wondering if they’d walked the same boardwalk we were on (“probably not?”).  Obviously, there were also impersonations.

woolly mammoth siting

Running  back and forth on the short boardwalk was a highlight of the hike.  The boys were also both very happy to pose for my camera.  I get so tired of taking pictures inside my house in the winter, so it was fun to break out the longer lens again without freezing my fingers.

As fun as it was to have an easy, warm hike in the middle of January, I think I’d prefer building a snowman and then sipping chai while my toes thaw.  Assuming we hire the neighbor boys to shovel the driveway.  I’m not in a hurry to do that.

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