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There’s also a dog around here

January 11, 2012

Our cocker spaniel used to get 100% of the attention around here, but in the last few years she’s sadly resigned herself to playing second, and now third fiddle to the boys.  I used to take ridiculous numbers of pictures of her.  Now I’ve focused that energy onto the kids and I occasionally realize we have next to no pictures of her since June of 2008.  Poor thing.  After the boys are tucked in bed she snuggles up close to me on the couch and I am reminded of when it was just the three of us.  I think she forgives me because I share my pilllow with her.

I just knit a little dog cowl at the request of a friend, whose own dog happens to have the same neck size as Punkin.  So before I packaged it up I tried it on Punkin to make sure it would fit OK.  And as long as I had her looking so spiffy I thought she’d like to have her picture taken.  You know, in case I don’t get around to again this year.  She approved of the cowl, so I hope Jocy will too.

But she gave me the saddest look when I told her she didn’t get to keep it.  Now I have to knit another one.

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  1. Tea's and Pea's Nana permalink
    January 12, 2012 7:25 am

    What a cute puppy!

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