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We can dance if we want to

April 27, 2012

The question is, does he want to?  It’s spring dance recital time again and Tea’s dances were the tear-enducing What a Wonderful World and a silly Safety Dance.

I’m having a hard time judging Tea’s enthusiasm for dance lately.  He seems to enjoy going to class, but he wasn’t as engaged this year as last.  For dress rehearsal he stood on stage and scowled at us while his class performed.  It may have been part nerves and part him being able to see us in the audience – he seemed to enjoy his second dance when I moved further back in the auditorium.

I wish it was easier to tell if he’s really interested in dance or if he just thinks he should be.  I just want to help him discover something he enjoys doing, and after dress rehearsal I suspected dance wasn’t it.   But then he smiled during the performance and was beaming with pride afterwards (the flowers and milk shakes didn’t hurt) and was asking to sign up for lessons again.   I guess we’ll give it time and see how he feels after a summer break.

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