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June 5, 2012

Instead of acknowledging that Tea is finishing up school today and I am very (very) soon to be the mom of a Kindergartner, I am instead going to share photos of the 2 baby chipmunks we caught yesterday.  I had seen 2 adorable babies around their den the day before, but I was surprised to find them both in the live trap at once.  I was happy to be able to move them together.  The bigger surprise was  catching a third baby 10 minutes after we relocated his siblings.  Hmmm, how many more are there?

Tea was upset that we were taking the babies away from their family, but I told him the adult we’d taken to the park that morning was their Mama.

They were so cute I almost hated to let them go, but I know that in about 6 minutes they’ll be as big as all the other rascals that are terrorizing the yard.  That, and Kyle gave me The Look when I started to go soft.

Tea had to photograph the babies before we set them free. Where did he get that idea?

Unfortunately, cute baby chippers can only distract me so much.  I’m still stuck on the fact that my baby is sitting in his last morning of 4-K.  He was so happy as he scooted to school this morning, and thought it was hysterical that he took the wrong turn on purpose to head over to the “big kid” school.  He thinks he’s ready.  He is.  I’m not.

With his new pink helmet. That’s a story for another blog post.

Tea tries to join the parade of big kids. Not quite yet, buddy.

With the awesome Mrs. M. on the last day of school

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  1. June 17, 2012 12:00 am

    Yeah, I’m gonna need to hear the story about the pink helmet. 😉 It sounds like a good one. I promise you’ll survive the transition to kinder! The new learning and experiences are so rewarding! T is adorable, as per usual.

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