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My baby is off to college

July 11, 2012

Tea is taking a 2-week College for Kids class through the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee called “Ooze, drip, bubble, and bounce” that involves lots of messy experiments.  The kids and I are staying at my parents’ house for the duration of the class.  They live 2 miles from campus, so it’s very convenient – Tea plays the scientist each morning and we can swim in Lake Michigan each afternoon.  I threatened to just drop the boys here and  pick them up in 2 weeks, but that suggestion was met with an awful lot of laughter from my parents.  Why did they think I was kidding?

Before I left town on Sunday, Kyle and I were walking to our car after a ballgame and we started being a bit silly and overdramatic.

Kyle: “I can’t believe the car is packed and Tea is already off to college.”

Me: “I know.  It seems like just yesterday he was getting ready to start kindergarten.”

Kyle: (Sigh) “How did he grow up so fast?  I’ll miss him when he’s away.”

This conversation caught the attention of an elderly gentleman walking ahead of us; he turned around to look.  His expression grew confused when he glanced down at our small boys.  Tea, obvlivious to the man, jumped right in to the conversation.

“Oh yes, Mama!  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to get to my new lab.  I’m going to finally get to learn how to be a scientist just like you.”

The man turned around again to stare.  I couldn’t help myself.

“Sure will, sweetie.  I hope you enjoy college.  I know you’ll work hard and make us proud.”

“Mom, I’m going to have to remember to wear goggles to protect my eyes when I work with the poisons.”  (To Tea, “poison” is synonymous with “dangerous chemicals”, which he is certain he will, and I am certain he won’t, be using.)

The confused man whispered something to his wife, and this time they both peeked over their shoulders at us.  I ignored their questioning looks.

“Of course, honey.  I’m sure they’ll remind you to put them on.”

“And I’m really looking forward to working with germs.”

For the fourth time, the man turned around, nearly tripping over himself trying to walk backwards.  Sadly, we had reached the car and could befuddle him no longer.    Now somewhere in Beloit is a man who thinks my 5-year-old is a college freshman.

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  1. kerrie permalink
    July 13, 2012 11:23 pm

    oooooh I love it! What a wonderful conversation to have with your son and for that man to overhear! He’s probably telling the whole world this story and very excitedly waiting for it to come out in the press so he can shout ‘that’s him! That’s the boy I heard is already going to college!” 😀

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