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If you were wondering, paper megaphones work surprisingly well

August 13, 2012

Tea’s current obsession is swimming.  For reasons neither Tea nor I can remember, I sometimes call him my “baby beluga”.  It was appropriate this week.  We spent a week at camp, and he did the polar bear swim before breakfast every day except the one morning is was pouring down cold rain.  (He seriously considered it even then, but my smart boy decided he preferred snuggling me on the couch to getting a certificate.  I’ll admit I was grateful I didn’t have to stand out in the rain to watch him.)  He also swam every afternoon, and some mid-mornings.  He loved to launch himself off the raft.

Pea swam a little on the afternoons that were warm but didn’t like the cold.  He spent much more time on the beach playing with sand castles and dump trucks.

Both boys were enamored with the young life guards and spent a lot of time playing and chatting with them.  All three life guards were excellent with all of the kids.  Kyle and I were really impressed with the staff this year.  Katie in particular was our boys’ favorite, and she was very sweet to them.  They sat with her at a concert one night and she gave them a lot of attention all week.

Thank you to someone for this picture, but I’m not sure who. Amanda?

When we got home, Kyle’s dad called to ask the boys about camp.  Tea’s only comment was, “I made a new friend – her name is Katie.”

While we unpacked from camp, Tea put together scraps, odds and ends from our craft room and emerged in a “life guard uniform”, complete with a rescue tube over his shoulder plus (squarish) ring buoy, and a megaphone.  He and Pea spent the afternoon shouting out “buddy check!” and “5 minutes left of swim time.”

More about camp later, but clearly, the lake and life guards were the highlight for the boys.

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  1. Becca Kesting permalink
    August 13, 2012 1:10 pm

    This is awesome. I am smiling and giggling. I hope Katie hears about this.

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