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First day of kindergarten

September 4, 2012

I’m feeling some major déjà vu, but apparently kindergarten is no big deal.  Tea was more concerned about his itchy, painful hand, swollen from a bee sting on Sunday, than about school.  He was a bit nervous in the last week about the thought of missing me “all day” and about making new friends, but by the time he’d finished his celebratory french toast on the You Are Special Today red plate, he was ready to hit the sidewalk and get to school.

I think all the time he spent at various summer schools really helped his confidence.  He dashed off to the playground to play with the big kids before the bell instead of hanging back by the school with the nervous kindergartners.  Then he lined up with his class and walked into the building without looking back.  This year in school, he wants to learn: “about rockets and how to make silver money”.

No tears from me – I’ll miss him and I’m sure the day will seem long, but, as Tea has said numerous times in the last few weeks, “Mama, I’m ready for a break from my family!”  He’s right.  We’ll all be happier with a little more space, and I know we’ll be excited to see each other when the school day is over.

I think this year will be the hardest on Pea.  Leaving open house last week, he said, “So Tea will eat lunch at school?” (Yes.) “So, Tea will not eat lunch at home?” (Nope) “Because he’s eating lunch at school?” (Yep.) “So he won’t eat lunch at home with us?” (Nope.) “Because he’s staying at school to eat lunch?” (Yes.)  “So I have to eat lunch all by myself?” (I’ll be home to eat lunch with you.) “But I want to eat lunch with a boy!”

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  1. Kristen Anderson permalink
    September 4, 2012 12:22 pm

    Love that your dog is looking out the window at you in the first picture. Ours does the same thing. Watches from the window for so long when we leave. 🙂

    • September 4, 2012 12:54 pm

      Yeah, she will sit there for ages, also. Years ago we set up a camera to take a picture every few minutes and then played it at high speed to see just how long she actually sat waiting, watching out the window. Turned it, it was more than half of the day! Right now she’s unhappy that I moved the chairs into the middle of the room so she can’t drool on the windows I just washed.

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