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Our October garden

October 17, 2012

Frost finally killed a few things in the garden so I cleaned up a bit today.

The tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and ground cherries are very finished for the year, although I picked a lot of green and half-ripe tomoatos to eat over the next few months as they slowly ripen inside.

I found some radishes and carrots I’d forgotten about and picked the last of the peppers as well.  A few of the carrots were serious mutants – I think I overshot their harvest date by about 2 months but they were good for a chuckle.

scary enough to be Halloween decorations

The kale, lettuce, herbs, Brussels sprouts, green onions, and sugar snap peas are still happily plugging along.  I didn’t do any late summer planting last year so I don’t know when these things will die.  A hard freeze?  I have no experience with gardening at this time of year.

what are the chances this flower will have time to make a yummy pod before it dies?

I’m most looking forward to eating these guys, caramelized in the oven with olive oil and salt

I couldn’t help but wonder as I worked today if I’ll be putting seeds back in this soil again or if we’ll be constructing a new garden next spring.  I’m OK with either option, it’s just a curious feeling not to know.

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  1. Nancy permalink
    October 17, 2012 8:37 pm

    Robin – Thanks for sharing. It is always sort of special & a little sad to clean off the garden each fall. . . & sort of pioneer-fun to see all the produce you’ve been blessed with. Just think of the huge gardens they needed to live on through winter! I have lots of green tomatoes I picked before the big frost 2 weeks back. A few still out there & a few peppers. I surprised you have peas going?! And herbs? Kale may go through November/December, put I would pick it clean & either dry or freeze it before, as it starts to get funny-colored & unsure of the flavor then.

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