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Perspective and assumptions

January 27, 2013

I unpacked a drawing from Tea’s school bag on Friday that had a small card attached.  It read “From Tea, To: “M””.

He asked me to put it back in his bag because he needed to finish working on it and give it to his friend.


“That’s nice,” I said.  “You drew her flowers?”

Tea rolled his eyes and replied, “Noooo, Mom!  Those are spiders!”


And as long as I’m sharing a Tea funny, here’s a recent one from Pea as well:

Pea asked me to replace the batteries in something.  I found a handful of charged AAs and held them out to him.  “Please put these on the table for me.”

Pea recoiled in horror, exclaiming, “I can’t touch those!  I’ll turn ON!”

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