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Party with a failed landing

May 23, 2013

Tea requested a moon cake and a space theme for his birthday party this year.

2013-05-18 002

The cake was the easiest one we’ve done yet, but as my mom pointed out, it’s a good thing she found an astronaut to stick on top.  Without it, I’m not sure anyone would know the cake wasn’t just a grey circle.

I organized absolutely no activities this year.  Tea invited 2 friends over to play and they mostly ran around the backyard playing things like lion tag.  Not familiar with lion tag?  Me neither, but it’s loud, and it looks something like this:

2013-05-18 028

2013-05-18 029

The kids ate cake, although one pouty party-goer declined to join the group.

2013-05-18 026

I guess I lied because there was one planned activity.  Tea and Kyle built a rocket together and planned for it’s first flight at the party.  We’d intended to walk to a nearby park with more open space, but between the lack of wind and the attendance of a crabby girl who we could barely coax to come out of the house, let alone to walk 3 blocks (joy!), we decided to attempt a launch from the back yard instead.  We estimated that, based on the very slight breeze, the rocket might drift a smidgen north and only places it was likely to get stuck were the surrounding roofs.  We hoped the neighbors would let us climb up for a rescue if needed.

2013-05-18 009

The launch was picture perfect, with Tea manning the ignition.

2013-05-18 012

The landing, not so much.  As the rocket floated down beneath it’s parachute, Kyle realized it was heading further away than expected.  He ran towards the street to alert passing cars that they were in danger of being hit during re-entry.  Tragically, the rocket didn’t quite make it to the road.  It landed right over an electrical wire, and there it hung.  Someone at the party remarked it was like ladder golf, rocket edition.  If so, that landing must be worth 500 points at least.

2013-05-18 013

Not expecting a response, Kyle called the energy company to request a rescue.  Incredibly, a bucket truck arrived 30 minutes later and the hero of the party retrieved the rocket with gloved hands and a huge grin.  He refused to accept a piece of birthday cake, but I think he enjoyed the look on the faces of the party-goes.  Nothing tops a bucket truck at a 6-year-old’s birthday party!

2013-05-18 040

2013-05-18 036

The neighbor’s house is in perfect focus – never lend your camera to helpful assistants. =)

2013-05-18 051

We’ve learned our lesson – next time we are launching from a wide open field.   But ultimately, that party will be hard to beat.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 23, 2013 11:28 am

    What an exciting party!

  2. Bridget permalink
    May 23, 2013 10:33 pm

    Seriously, you could not have planned it better.

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