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Winter is coming

November 7, 2013

Let’s pretend I didn’t fall off the face of the blog, shall we?  Excellent.

Excuse the post title, Game of Thrones fans – I’m currently buried deep in book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire, and slightly distraught that I’m going to have to wait years (years!) for books 6 and 7 to be published.  I should have waited longer to start reading the series, but it’s too late now.  And yes, winter is coming.  So winter knitting is on the needles.

Pea has been the recipient of my last two knitting projects.  His sweater is finally finished (“green with sprinkles”).

2013-10-31 001

He was having so much fun playing with a friend that he didn’t notice he lost his mittens on a 39-degree afternoon.  How his fingers lasted for 2 hours without them I don’t know – little boys must have built-in furnaces.  I knit him some new mittens with leftover wool that are so cute, I think I’m going to make some for myself.

2013-11-07 011

I also knit myself a vest that I have worn at least 15 of the 30 days it’s been off my needles.  It’s not perfect – I’d change the pattern a bit if I knit it again – but it keeps me warm around the house without the bulk of a thick sweater, and it has a shawl collar that’s almost like wearing a scarf.  Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of it’s existence.  Another day, perhaps.

And solely because Tea gets jealous when his brother is on the blog and he’s not, here’s the boys in their Halloween costumes.  Grandma Cookie sewed the wizard costume and I made the beard.  (I also modeled it for my FB friends – it’s quite fetching.)

2013-10-31 082

As for life outside of knitting, it’s been pretty wonderful and full, which is probably why I haven’t found time to record any of it here.   Maybe I’ll eventually get around to it and just backdate it – it’s nice to look back here to see a snapshot of our year.  We’ve settled into our new home in Madison and the neighborhood feels like an actual community.  We had great neighbors in Milton but we didn’t know very many people.  I hope we can continue to stay connected as the weather changes and people are outside less, because, well, see the post title.  😉

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