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Survivor, photo edition

February 8, 2014

We moved into our new home this past summer and set to painting all of the walls right away.  Then we hung the artwork.  I intended to figure out which family pictures we wanted to display next, but it never happened.  The prints I’d had on the walls in Milton had been printed at a local photo lab and I had never been impressed with their quality so I wanted to order them from a higher quality lab, and possibly change up what to hang all-together.

I spent the bulk of Friday sifting through the 36,100 pictures on our hard drive (not an exaggeration, sadly) and pulling out my 176 favorites.  Cut #2 brought the number down to 109.  Editing fail.  I got tougher with cut #3 and printed rough drafts of the top 50.  I taped them to the wall, where it was easier to eliminate a few.  But try as I might, there were still far too many.

probably overkill

Probably overkill

Stuck, I threatened to decoupage the entire lot to the wall.  Kyle helpfully suggested I frame the above picture, hang that, and be done with the whole ordeal.  I walked away for a few hours with 35 still remaining.

Tonight I realized that the pictures are selecting themselves.


The losers are peeling themselves off the wall and throwing themselves to the floor.

Don't give me that face, Pea.  You eliminated yourself.

Don’t give me that face, Pea. You eliminated yourself.

Hopefully by morning they’ll narrow themselves down to a respectable 10 or 15.

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  1. February 9, 2014 12:18 am

    Have you ever thought of using a digital photo frame? It makes a slide show (slowly) of however many you want to load on there. It’s quite nice if you get a good quality one…

  2. February 9, 2014 6:41 am

    Chuckling! I have too many photos on the computer to choose from as well. I feel like I should do something with them but haven’t a clue where to start!

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