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4 hours, 20 minutes

February 12, 2014

Remember when my little sister and her precious family moved to New Zealand for a planned 4-5 year stay?  Yeah, that sucked.  I was happy for her and all, but it’s been a year now (to the day?), and it’s haaaard to see pictures of my niece and nephew looking so grown up.  I wish I could be there to soak up their awesomeness (and, you know, influence them in the sneaky ways that a good aunt  who loves her sister should).  I miss being around Meredith’s creativity, and my stomach really misses culinary adventures with Ewan.

Plans sometimes change, and Monday morning we learned that my brother-in-law matched with Purdue and will be finishing his vet residency there.  Wooo-hoooooooo!  The other possible institutions he could have matched with were mostly far away.  Well, not as far as New Zealand, but not in the Midwest – Google claims I can be in West Lafayette in four hours and twenty minutes!  This also means that she can be in Madison in four hours and twenty minutes.  I should notify someone in the road-building department – we are going to wear those highways out.

I am suspicious that Meredith spent a year in NZ so I’d be thrilled instead of devastated about them living in Indiana.   Because it’s all about me, obviously.

I am so looking forward to our kids making noise and messes with each other.  A four hour drive is old hat for the boys, so Meredith, you’d better find a place with a guest room – we’re on our way!

Robin and Meredith

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