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Good sportsmanship

March 17, 2014

Some people say kids have more to teach their parents than the other way around.  Today this is true.  Pea mopped the floor with me in dominoes this morning – 4 games of Mexican Train in a row, and then trounced me at Labyrinth.


Labyrinth is our current favorite board game, and during this Winter of Supreme Ultimate Cold, we have played a lot of games.  It’s truly fun for both the kids and adults.  Players adjust the path of the maze to navigate to the treasures they need to collect.  It’s simple to learn, but requires strategic, spacial thinking.  The board is always changing so it keeps you on your toes.


This picture was from the day he tied me at checkers, but it’s a pretty common expression for his reaction to beating me.  To his credit, he always extends a hand and says, “Good game, Mama!” with a smile after he beats me.

He just ran out the door to play with a neighbor friend.  Hooray for neighbors!  Let him beat someone else for a change.

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