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March 20, 2014

Poor thing doesn’t know it’s going to go from Cherished Photo Subject to Dead in 3 seconds…

This is a sign that winter has been too long if ever there was one.  I happily spotted the first weed of the year in our raised veggie beds.  If this guy can grow, so can arugula.  Not because I know much about arugula, but because it is delicious and I want it to be true.  After I spotted the weed, I immediately ran outside, took a picture, yanked it, and smooshed some seeds into the mud.  The soil is way too wet – it’s still frozen solid a few inches down, so the water isn’t draining.  But it can’t hurt to try.  Arugula black bean tacos, you will be in my stomach soon.

A robin was spotted in the backyard this week as well, and birds have started flying into our windows again.

Kyle removed the eyeless squirrel carcass that was revealed when the snow melted.  (This is True.  Love.  You think this happens every day?)

There is so much new (old) dog waste as the snow retreats a little more each day.  The mud.  The mud.  The puddles.  The mud.  My children are magnetically attracted to it all.

Spring is gross.  I am so glad it’s here.



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