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Kids tri-ing hard

May 4, 2014

Proud mom alert: this is basically a photo dump from the triathlon the boys completed yesterday.

They did the middle distance: 50 yard swim, 2.25 mile bike, 0.5 mile run

They run around for hours at a time, so I knew they could physically handle the distances (and noodles were allowed in the pool), but they were brave to join 500 kids and navigate the transition area alone.  The boys handled the stress of waiting in the crowded hallway before the event very differently.DSC_0263


But when it was time to say goodbye so Kyle and I could get seats to watch them in the pool, they looked ready.


There was a staggered start for the swim (they kept 1:1 lifegaurd coverage) so there was a log of waiting in the pool line, but eventually it was their turn to swim.



Tea zipped from the pool to transition to throw on clothes and a helmet for the bike.  Tea’s phy ed teacher helped Pea out in transition.  Due to the staggered start, there weren’t many kids on bikes around.





The bike course was around the neighborhood, out of easy spectator view, so Kyle and I waited near the track for them to finish the bike.  Tea had left first, but they both came around the corner together.  Tea had been planning on racing his hardest and had warned Pea he wasn’t going to wait for him.  Pea was fine with that, but apparently, Tea changed his mind somewhere along the bike course.  He said he was afraid Pea might fall or need help and there wouldn’t be anyone around, so he waited for him to catch up.  It was very sweet to see him keeping an eye on his little brother.


The run was quick, and they nearly missed the finish chute – volunteers had to pull them through so they didn’t run an extra lap.



Both boys were proud and happy, saying it wasn’t nearly as scary as they thought it’d be and they are looking forward to participating again.


Of 228 kids competing in the middle distance, there were only four 5-year-olds and nine 6-year-olds.  We’re proud they finished and helped each other along the way!  Kyle’s now the only one in our family who hasn’t finished a triathlon, so he’s got some catching up to do.


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