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Owen Park

May 9, 2014


I took Pea hiking in Owen Park in Madison this week.  A hawk startled us, diving down for a meal only about 30 feet away.  Maybe our presence threw him off, because he didn’t come up with anything.  Or maybe he had been planning on grabbing the “squirrel” on Pea’s walking stick and aborted his attack when he saw it was guarded by a tough-looking kid.  😉




There were a few wildflowers and leaves in the woods, but the prairie still looked dry and winter-like.  I’m looking forward to visiting again when it greens up a bit.



We saw lots of blue jays, robins, chickadees, crows, and a peregrine falcon, but I didn’t notice the blue bird until I was back home editing my shots.  Eagle-eyed, I am.


The highlight was watching a group of maybe six turkeys in the woods.  They didn’t seem too bothered by us.  City turkeys.


Pea kept pointing out great spots to hide a geocache, but alas, Madison doesn’t allow caches in their conservation parks.




It did put me in a geocaching mood, however, so hopefully we can go earn some smileys soon.

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