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Melanin potion

May 13, 2014
This kid has big plans for the world.  Watch out.

This kid has big plans for the world. Watch out.

Pea has become obsessed with his latest idea for an invention, spurred by my trip to the dermatologist to have hooligan skin removed.  What started as a vague idea has now been examined from every angle and discussed at great length.  Repeatedly.  Here is my attempt to summarize his plan.  I should have video-taped him, because you really need his enthusiasm to get the full effect.

“Melanin keeps your skin safer from the sun, so people should not have white skin anymore.

There will be a big elevator and it will be automatic.  It won’t have any buttons.  The elevator will scan the person to know what color their skin is.  It will not open for people will brown or black skin.  It will only open for people with white skin.  If the person has white skin, the doors will open and they can get in.

People with white skin ride the elevator downstairs to the potion room.

Inside, there is a big, long table with lots and lots and lots and lots of bottles of the melanin potion.  There are bottles in every flavor.

There is chocolate flavor and grape flavor and tomato flavor and every other flavor in the whole wide world.  Every flavor.  So every person can find a potion that they will like.

The bottles aren’t labeled because they are the color of their flavor.  You can tell what the flavor is because of the color.  The chocolate potion is brown and the tomato potion is red.  You don’t need labels – you just look at the color to find the potion you want.

Then you take the potion and you drink it.   It’s full of melanin so after you drink it, the melanin goes into your skin and your skin will turn brown, because melanin is what makes skin darker.

After your skin turns brown, you should still wear sunscreen, but the melanin will help keep you safe from the sun.  Then your skin won’t get dangerous.

After everyone takes the melanin potion, there will only be people with brown and black skin.  It will be better.”

Sign me up for a dose, please.


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  1. n huwe permalink
    May 13, 2014 9:43 pm

    Wonderful, Robin! He’s got it! I need to share this with Aree & Nop.
    Do you have the book, “The Colors of Us?” if not, it’s a worthy check-out or purchase. My kids love it, & I often try to sneak it into any class reading/extra time when I sub. “I am Latino” & “I am Black” are also great. Just finally took them back to the library, too. Kept renewing them to fit them in at school also!
    I could use a little color to at least move me off the “pastey white” scale.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 14:27:53 +0000

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