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Happy to be 7

May 18, 2014

Tea’s favorite song these days is Happy, which, if you act like you’re not noticing him at all, you can enjoy listening to him sing around the house.  I’m biased because he’s my kid, but it’s adorable.  Just don’t let him know I said that, or he’ll never sing it again.

Tea was pretty darn happy to turn 7 this week, so we heard him singing even more than usual.  He has been counting down the days to his birthday for more than a month, and was quick to point out that it was his birthday in Thailand 12 hours earlier than here.  He was extra excited to go to school, since, but his account, “Everyone hugs you a lot when it’s your birthday!”




We kept things simple at home, with the dinner of his choice (fruit salad, cucumbers, and grilled bratwurst – “2 please, no buns”) and the pie of his choice (pumpkin).  He was beaming.  Then he got a new-to-him bike that fits him better, and we enjoyed watching his classmates perform at the school talent show.  It was a happy day, for sure.DSC_0467


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