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May 31, 2014

The boys did a mud run a few weeks ago.  They ran a 1.5-mile course with obstacles, the last of which was a crazy-insane-watery-deep-slippery-goopy-squelching mud pit.  It was the same mud pit that the adults had at the end of their 5K.  It was insane.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The boys started the course happy to bounce in potato sacks, jump hay bales, and clamor over a tire pile.





From there, they snaked away to a section of course that we couldn’t see.  After the race, we saw pictures online of the boys crossing a river that was frighteningly deep for little Pea.  (Race organizers have since assured me there were adults just out of the frame, making sure no one was swept away.  Let’s hope so.)


sg1_8978 (1)

They rounded a corner at the end, took one look at the huge wall the adults (and some braver, older kids) were climbing, and wisely ran around it to the bouncy slide.  At that point, Pea was wet to his armpits from the river, and cold, but still smiling.

They proceeded to the aforementioned mud pit.  Tea dove in and rolled around like a happy pig, taking as long to get through it as possible.  Pea entered and his face was transformed with a look of pure horror.  It was cold.  It was deep.  It was muddy.  It was thick and very hard to move through.  He started to cry.



We convinced Tea to backtrack and help his brother.  Since that involved more time in the mud, he was game.




Tea tries ekes out as much time as possible in the mud


Kids struggling to exit the pit

The wall to get out of the mud pit was so steep and slippery, kids were struggling to exit the pit, and an adult volunteer was there to help push the kids out.  The man saw the look of terror on Pea’s face and got him out quickly.  Tea kept his distance so he could “struggle” for as long as possible.


He might forgive us some day


The boys finally sloshed and glopped their way across the finish line, Pea shivering all the way.  I cursed my lack of squeegee and rubber gloves, but once Kyle and I wrestled them into clean, dry clothes, Pea’s outlook improved.




Pea claims he wants to try this again when he’s seven.  But since it took me more time to rinse mud off their clothes enough to put them in the clothes washer than it took the boys to run the course, I don’t know if I’ll be ready in only 24 months.  We’ll see.



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