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Cherokee Marsh

June 19, 2014

Trying to take advantage of free-admission-to-state-parks weekend, we drove over to Governor Nelson State Park a week or so ago.  Eighty-six bazillion cars parked along the highway and bikers zipping by with race numbers pinned to their shirts reminded me that there was a triathlon in the park that day.  Oops.

We checked the smart phone for other nearby hiking options, and ended up at the south unit of Cherokee marsh.  We didn’t do all 3 miles of trails, because the mosquitoes were threatening to drain us dry.  What we did hike, however, was very pretty, and we were jealous of the paddlers putting their boats in the river at the landing.  (Note to self – buy a vehicle that can transport your canoe!)

DSC_0041We had to hustle the boys along to retain a few pints of blood.  They were very interested in finding spittle bugs and making leaf hats.  (Thank you, Rachel Kesting, for teaching them this trick!)DSC_0009

Tea decided killing mosquitoes was fun and tried to entice them to land on his arms so he could slap them.  What a turkey.DSC_0026


The trail curves above the marsh so you can look down on it, but most of the trail was actually through prairies and woods.  I love prairies, and enjoyed seeing many different flowers in bloom.  I’m sure we’ll be back to see it in other seasons.



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