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This *was* my garden

June 30, 2014

I intended to document the veggie garden half-way through June.  These pictures were taken 2 weeks and 7 inches of rain ago, so they don’t really resemble the current garden.


Arugula and lettuce were the only things we were harvesting, although the peas were getting close.


The basil and parsley were OK but the tomatoes were spindly little things (except for Pea’s plant, which isn’t shown because it is truly unfair how HUGE and healthy his was while mine were NOT.  Especially since all were purchased from the same grower and planted at the same time.)


A bleeding heart that must have previously hidden in the old dill forest popped up in the middle of the kale and okra seedlings.  It was the healthiest thing around so I couldn’t bear to pull it out, even though I can’t eat it.  I might try to transplant it this fall, but it’s roots must be all the way down below the raised bed, so I’m a little afraid of killing it.


The pole beans were climbing but the cucumbers had barely broken ground.

Dill was volunteering everywhere (no surprise), the cilantro was taking its sweet time, the eggplant seeds failed to germinate, and the squashes were all hiding under row covers (trying to avoid the squash vine borer).


And the rabbits were hoping we’d forget to close the garden gate.


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