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Owen Park, July

July 20, 2014

DSC_0527Same park, different month, different kid.DSC_0488

While Kyle took Pea on a bike ride to the union, Tea and I went hiking at Owen Park, which I enjoy because it has both prairie and wooded trails.


Hiking stick. Grrr.



Tea was patient while I photographed a few things (while yearning for a macro lens) and I was patient while he quietly observed the 87 bunnies we encountered along the trail.  He never wanted them to feel scared, so we’d sit and wait and wait and wait until they hopped on.  Sometimes another hiker would pass, startling the bunnies into the brush, and Tea would pout.


Tea watches a bunny through binoculars


Bunny, take a lesson from your brothers – you should not let us get this close to you


kid legs in summer


We hiked both the prairie and the woods, as Tea was in an exceptionally accommodating mood.  “We can walk whichever was you want, Mama.  This trip is for you!”  Where he got that idea I don’t know, but given the sometimes (often) challenges of too-much-together-time-in-summer, I embraced the cheerful attitude.DSC_0455


We also spotted turkeys, including a hen and three poults (that’s baby turkeys to you uneducated people who didn’t just use Google, like I did).  Many turkey feathers were collected, which were later used to fletch arrows.  Obviously.





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