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Constitutional fortitude

October 6, 2014

I’m not always sure I’m cut out for this parenting thing.  After school today the boys played “in The Fort”, which, in the past, has meant the hobo village they’ve meticulously constructed and constantly modified ever since they scavenged some junk from the neighbors on bulky trash day in July.  “The Fort” is beautiful to them.  I, however, knowing all about real estate, know its true value is location.  That is, hidden behind the gazebo so I can’t see it.

DSC_09951 web

The fort formerly known as The Fort. Feel free to stay awhile, but you might have to fight off the neighborhood cats.

Today, however, they apparently had a new meaning for the words “The Fort” which they didn’t tell me about until after they’d been outside for an hour.

DSC_10111 web

The new fort known as The Fort. You totally want to let your kids play here now, right?

The Fort is now a few rotten boards perched precariously over the uneven, spindly branches of our pine tree.  The upper platform, I am assured, is the roof, and is NEVER to be sat on.  This is mildly comforting.  The lower platform is at least 8 feet up.  It is not nailed, glued, tied, or even taped to the branches.  They were very proud.


I wish I hadn’t seen how they climb into it, but I can’t complain if they sit there to voluntarily do their reading, right?  I decided they probably wouldn’t die and held my tongue.  I am trying so, so hard to let them be creative and independent and capable and stifle my “GET DOWN FROM THERE – YOU ARE NOT MADE OF RUBBER BANDS!” tendencies.

DSC_10131 web

So I bit my tongue and smiled and congratulated them (and gently reminded them to pleeeeease be careful – I am still their mother).  Ten minutes later, the storm door slammed and I turned, expecting to see Tea clutching a broken arm.  He shrugged and nonchalantly said, “I decided to climb down – the wind was pretty strong and my body didn’t feel safe.”

Phew and hurray for listening to that little voice, kid.  I’m proud of both of us.

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  1. October 6, 2014 10:37 pm

    Love the imagination! Aree & Nop were doing this last spring in our even younger (thinner branches) pine trees. I about had a heart attack when I realized what was going on. Loose boards & all on spindly branches. A & N loved the photos & your story – A insists that they were at least trying to hold their pieces of wood on with bungee cords. Ahhhh the adventures of our children!

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