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School pictures

October 21, 2014

school pics

Here you go, Grandparents.  The boys’ school pictures are in.  Tea insisted on wearing a tie to dress like his Daddy going to work, and Pea insisted on dressing like his big brother.  If Tea had his way, he’d dress like this often, but I allowed the tie only on picture day.  This is completely opposite from my days in elementary school when my mom required me to wear a dress or skirt unless there was gym that day, but all I wanted was jeans.  Jeans were never allowed until I broke Mom’s spirit with my whining in fifth grade.  Well, Tea and I have that in common – mothers who issue random, annoying rules about clothes.  (I still love you, Mom.)

The boys are far more photogenic than I ever was.  One of the pictures that makes me laugh the hardest was something that my school sent home, probably as part of a Christmas present or something, when I was in first grade.  I look like I was beat up before they stood me against a wall to take the shot.



Darling.  It was obviously taken on a non-gym class day.

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  1. Bloomer Auto Supply permalink
    October 21, 2014 12:00 pm

    The ties are great good to see again Thanks Grandpa Glen

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