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Procrastinating again

October 31, 2014

Thank goodness for this blog, because I don’t want to be:

a) Cleaning for my mother-in-law’s visit tonight.

b) Grocery shopping to fill my totally empty cupboards.

c) Making a dinner we can reheat so we have time to trick or treat without extra stress.

d) Planting the garlic I should have planted on Monday, when it was 73 degrees. (We woke up to a blustery day with snow on the ground.)

I think the umbrella is toast.

I think the umbrella is toast.

Instead I can share random pictures from around the house yesterday.

DSC_06431 web

Our outside chalkboard. I am so funny.

DSC_06181 web

It is so, so hard to be Punkin. What a good dog.  This naturally led to a conversation about cannibalism.  (Punkin eating pumpkins… )

DSC_06261 web

Pea draws a design for Kyle to carve.

DSC_06271 web

This is the first year we’ve let Tea carve by himself. He only nearly stabbed his hand 8 times.

DSC_06331 web

So, so excited to see their pumpkins lit, they don’t feel the cold even in jammies.

Their planned pumpkins turned out pretty close to the final products, I think.

DSC_06391 web

DSC_06441 webDamn it, I’ve run out of distractions.  Time to go grocery shopping.

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