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Is it Spring somewhere?

February 19, 2015

It is currently -2°F in Madison.  I’m not complaining.  I will enjoy the warmer weather when it gets here, but this is February in Wisconsin.  It happens.  I have coffee and Hulu to see me through.

What really surprised me is that in the last week, I’ve gotten orders for 4 of the decoy wasp nests I put on Etsy last year.  Truth be told, I’d forgotten I had them listed.  There haven’t been any wasps around here for at least 4 months, and won’t be again for several more.  But still, I knit them and tucked them into boxes, ready to send them on their way to places that must be far warmer than here.

Today, I carved a stamp so I can pop a note in before I seal the box.  I probably should have mopped the floor instead, but sometimes I need to make something that isn’t going to be undone in an instant.  I decided to focus on the fact that there is warm weather around the corner.  My Master Gardener Volunteer training starts next week, so it must be so.


Now excuse me while I put on long underwear, wool knee socks, my jacket, mittens, facemask, and scarf to get the box to the post office.  Brrr.

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