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Super creatures

August 20, 2015

I am done buying stuff for my kids.  They have too much stuff.  Even they agree, and Pea routinely shuffles out of his room, arms full of plastic crap, saying, “Mama, find another kid who wants this because I have too many toys to play with them all.”  Yikes.

And yet this summer they came down with a severe case of coveting Pokemon cards.  Obsessed at summer school, at play dates, at camp.  One afternoon I looked out the window and saw five boys draped over various tree branches, up to 7 feet in the air, cards zipping back and forth between them.  They enjoyed playing with their friends, but reallllly wanted their own cards.
I am not buying any.  Not happening.  I told them to buy their own.  But when it came to actually committing money that could otherwise be spent on meat sticks at the farmers market, the boys couldn’t quite do it either.  This morning, Tea found a solution.  “I could make my own.  But they won’t be Pokemon, they can be new.  They’ll be Super Creatures.  And we can make habitat cards, and people cards…. Pea!  Come HERE!”

Within 5 minutes they were in full-scale production.  There’s some system that determines whether the cards are small or full page size, but I didn’t understand the rules.

They clearly live with their feminist mother, because their first observation was, “Wait!  We need more female characters!”  The newest card is a special edition Robin Dragon, custom made for me.

  “Wings, eyes, and tail shoots electricity.”  I should be flattered, right?

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  1. August 20, 2015 7:17 pm

    I love this!

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