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Fur Time

February 6, 2016

I didn’t write about it at the time because my heart was too bruised, but our beloved cocker spaniel Punkin died in September.  She’d had a lot of health challenges in her last few years (2 knee surgeries, spinal problems, and a cancer removed that eventually returned to take her from us), but her eyes still sparkled and her trot had a little spring of joy on walks.  She adored laying on the back of the couch to watch the world out the window, but her spinal problems meant that jumping up or down became strictly forbidden.  We lived with laundry baskets covering all our couches and chairs for the last year to keep her on the ground.  We’d lift her up to snuggle with us in the evenings, and set her gently back down when it was time for bed.

2015-09-18 12.48.30

Punkin, who really needed a bath and fur cut

Life with an aging dog is emotional.  I knew she wasn’t going to live forever, but she was still enjoying her days.  When at last she couldn’t enjoy them anymore, we let her go.  And cried.  A lot.  She was really my dog.  She loved us all, but she loved me best, probably because I was home the most.  We had the couches back and could go to bed without a trip into the cold backyard.  I hated it.  Four months later, I was still looking down to make sure I wasn’t stepping on her when I walk.  I caught myself thinking I needed to let her outside.  Cutting vegetables for dinner felt wrong without a dog to drop a few pieces to.  Walking into an empty house with no dog to be happy to see me was lonely.  Watching a movie without a dog on my lap was cold.  I especially missed the family walks we took together after dinner.

As much as I missed having a dog, it was much harder for Tea.  Tea is an Animal Lover.  While he was desperate for another dog, we wanted to wait.  Leaving a new dog with friends while we spent December in Thailand would have been cruel.  So he coped as he best he could, begging constantly for “fur time”.

Neighbors very kindly offered to let him tag along on their dog walks, and he snuggled with my parents’ lab while he visited for a week in January.  But it wasn’t the same.  He yearned desperately for his own dog.


“Jack the Big Dog”, visiting

We kept watch online for the right addition to our family, and on “the best day of my (Tea’s) life” we found a sweet girl to join us.

Meet Cora, a one year old Catahoula mix with endless energy but also manners and a sweet heart.


Yes, I know I’m adorable.  Now play with me!

The neighbor kids on the block have been rotating through our yard each day this week, helping Tea and Pea tire her out with tug or war and fetch general silly romps in the snow.  They are all loving it.  This morning she snuggled me in bed and was so cozy I considered staying put all day.  We’re all still getting comfortable with each other, but she’s already well-loved and this morning, Tea said it best: “I really missed having a dog trotting around in the house.  It’s so much better with Cora here!”

Indeed.  It’s so much better with Cora here.









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  1. Den permalink
    February 6, 2016 3:17 pm

    I am so sorry to hear about Punkin. *hugs* But Cora. What a sweet face. Good luck with her. ❤

  2. Ingrid permalink
    February 10, 2016 9:12 am

    So sad for Punkin. I enjoyed reading the stories she wrote 🙂 Animals take a big part of your hart and will never deceive you … I can not imagine a life without, in my case, cats. Cora will never replace Punkin but I’m sure she will love and be loved, just like Punkin. Big hugs from Belgium! Ingrid

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