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Botanical Garden Shenanigans

March 28, 2016

Another fun day trip we took over break was to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Charlotte.  There wasn’t much in bloom yet, but it was a fun place to explore nonetheless.

DSC_0298 web

DSC_0301 web

The children’s garden that’s being built in stages seems like it will be pretty awesome when it’s finished, but the cousins had fun tromping around the woods at the back of the garden, along the shore of Lake Wylie.

DSC_0321 web

DSC_0331 web

Jumping off a fallen tree was entertaining for quite awhile, and even Granddad joined in.

DSC_0339 web

DSC_0363 web

They also greatly enjoyed tempting fate by repeatedly running over a walkway that was randomly sprayed by a fountain.  Cross only if you dare!

DSC_0292 web

Of course, after 20 uneventful crossings, the kids were perhaps secretly a little disappointed to still be dry, and Nana finally approached with false confidence, sauntering across with no sense of urgency.

DSC_0377 web

Ha!  We are fairly sure there’s a hidden camera someplace and the ticket booth woman decides when to press a button and release the water.  The timing was too perfect.

A walk through the conservatory with a bazillion orchids and Tilandsia capped off the day.  Spring is coming, and we are more than ready.

DSC_0396 web

DSC_0402 web



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