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Focused and happy, silly and proud

July 9, 2016

The boys did a triathlon in Sun Prairie this morning – 50 yard swim, 2.25 mile bike, 0.5 mile run.  This was their second tri.  Their first was in 2014 (OMG they were so little and adorable!), so it’s been awhile and they were nervous before the start.  This time around, they were much stronger and excited to be more capable swimmers.  No noodles or getting pulled through the water for these two.  It was front crawl all the way – hurray for MSCR swim lessons!  (Not that we got to watch that part – too little space and too many parents.  We opted to hang near transition.)

We waited with anticipation for them to emerge after their swims, and were happy to see them running out together, looking focused (Pea) and happy (Tea).


Pea wasted no time getting on his bike, and Tea wasn’t far behind.  Pea has always been competitive, so we weren’t surprised to see him take the lead over his brother.  By the time he biked back to transition, Pea was pushing hard and looking tired.  When Tea came around the corner a couple of minutes later, he was all smiles.

The run was only a half mile so we didn’t wait long before they were on their way to the finish.

Both boys were happy to celebrate with a snow cone.

121 kids ages 6-10 competed in their distance.
Pea finished in 23:40 for 49th overall.  Tea finished 79th overall in 26:08.  They eyed the kids up on the awards podium and started talking about actually training for the next one.  We’ll see if that happens.  I’m just glad they loved it.

Afterward, Tea was 100% proud and Pea was 100% silly.  That’s my boys.



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